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Anjali Gambhir | DELHI
(11th grade)

She knows that she can do whatever she wants to. Biggest bonus: she gets where she wants to be: no explanations, no apologies. Yes, meet the new age ‘woman’: not cowed down by the difficult moments, epitomising and re-inventing the buzz word ‘FEMINISM’.

Does a woman have to be one of the boys to succeed in a man’s world? Says who? Take any field and you find the female lot treading much ahead of their male counterparts. The days when woman had to try and blend in, keep a low profile and not rub anyone the wrong way are almost behind us. For instance, in the corporate world, it’s a show of sheer girl power at the workplace and men aren’t quite complaining. Be it the corporate high-flier, canny entrepreneur, brainy neurosurgeon, high-flying aviation wizard; hell, even, a galactic astronaut, they have carved a warm, comfortable and joyful environment in which they can function at optimum level. Sharpest woman achievers have not just cracked the glass ceilings but have also risen bar for personal standards. With the growing trends of single motherhood, mums of today are adopting a girl-next-door attitude. Today’s mother do not have an overbearing ‘matron’ like approach neither do they feel guilty while parting from their mates for going out to work. Well, take a look around in the real world and the usual stereotype-images are hatching into new outgoing achievers, giving the male establishment a run for their money.

Given all this, which woman in her right mind would want to be one of the boys? Frankly as far as I am concerned, it’s no contest.