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"Behind every great fortune there is a crime"-Honor de Balzac
Crime is crime whether big or small . Small crimes lead to big crimes andif the criminals are not punished then they will get courage to do more crimes.Criminals should be severly punishedso that they can be set as an example for other people who look forward to crimes.Every crime matters . Money is the root to all the evils and crimes.No mercy should be shown on them.For Instance,in Bishop's candlesticks,Jean Valjean was punished correctly, although his crime was small.So I would like to conclude that, the criminals should be punished whether they are decent or notorious. If we want to destroy the roots os crimes , we need to punish the criminals.

Criminals Are Not Wicked And So Do Not Deserve Punishment
I do not agree with the statement that All Criminals Are Wicked And Deserve Punishment. No body is a criminal from birth. It is the environment in which he grows that makes him a criminal or a respected man. Some people turn into criminals due to poverty as they are not able to nourish their family as the Convict in the Bishop’s Candlesticks. He is a good man but his poverty made him worst. Crime needs punishment but first one must look into the reason of the crime and then punish the culprit. Nowadays it is seen that criminals are roaming free and innocent people are sent to prison.One wrong step can turn innocent people into criminals.To remove crime and criminals we have to clean and purify this world and there should bejustice for everyone.