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Roque Saénz Peña Secondary School is in a city called Concepción del Uruguay, in the province of Entre Ríos, in Argentina. to know about our city you can visit these links: www.turismoentrerios.com/concepciondeluruguay; www.welcomeargentina.com/concepciondeluruguay.com.ar or www.elportalcdelu.com.ar. Argentina is a country with a population of 40.134.425 according to data of 2009, Entre Ríos: 1.255.787 in 2008 and in Concepción del Uruguay there are 75.000 people in 2007. Our citynis big, nice but a bit dirty. Beaches are beautiful. The beach called Banco Pelay is 7km long. There are famous places: San José Palace, The National School. Concepción del Uruguay is a historical city.
There are many plantations: corn, sunflower, soya.