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Acting Tips
By: Alex

Welcome new readers, I’m Alex and I’ve been in several different types and genres of plays. Now, with my experience I’ll give some of you new actors some helpful advice.

  1. Don’t make the director angry at you, also known as Big Cheese, Head Honcho, or Main Man / Woman.
  2. Don’t forget your script. It leads to way more trouble than its worth, trust me.
  3. Don’t annoy fellow actors. It leads to long patches of being alone, and you don’t want that.
  4. Practice your lines at home, because the faster you learn your lines the more your director likes you and you’ll be asked to be in more shows.
  5. Now, finally be on time to as many practices as possible, it means that if someone else who is always gone or late, and loses their part, you can step up and get their part.

Now, I hope you use these tips, because using them means better parts, having more fun, and most of all making more friends. See you next edition with more information on the world of show business.