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Tell us about your school
  • What is your school's name?
  • Where is your school located?
  • How old are the students?
  • What is your school web site? Add pictures.

Fill in your Country Fact Card.Add pictures. You can use these links to help you: Pictures ,Flags.
You can use this siteto upload your pictures: You can **use** a **podcast** to share your comments with us.

Writing assignments for Bar-Lev J.H.S students-Israel.You can this link Australia to help you.
Find the answers to these questions.(ECB Book PP.54,55)
  • "How long is King Brown snake?
  • Who were the first people to live in Australia?
  • When were the first boomerangs made?
  • Where and when was Mel Gibson born?"

Writing Assignment
Imagine you are a famous explorer.You have to explain why you became an explorer.Use as many adjectives as possible.

About Opals
You can use the information in the link Coober Pedy-Opal Capital of the World
Read pages 56-57 and answer these questions:
  1. "What is an opal?"
  2. "Which belief about opals is stange?
  3. What are opals used in?"
  4. "When were opals discovered?"
  5. "Which country do most opals come from?" (ECB)
  6. Add at least two more pieces of information about opals.

Draw one cartoon about strange opal beliefs. Use this link to help you.

Australian Desert

  • Why is Australia called Down Under?
  • What can you tell us about Coober Pedy?
  • What life is like there?(Add pictures)

Your Final Project
Write a newspaper article about Australia or Make a travel brochure

Relate to these topics. Use the **Links** to help you.
Ask your epal questions to add 2-3 facts about Australia.
  • Unusual things to do and to see
  • Special foods
  • History of the place
  • Where to stay
  • people you met