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Write a report for a newspaper about a crime that affected someone you know or that you read about in the newspaper or saw on television.

  1. Write a catchy headline.
  2. Answer the 5 wh questions and expand the information in the article.
  3. Use the links to help you.


1.Use correct tenses.
2.Use adjectives and connectors.
3.Use correct spelling.
4.Use your own words.


1.Write legibly.
2.Use pictures,drawings.
3.Type your report and save it on a disk.

May Kempner (9th grade)
"I was just counting the day's money when they walked in.They looked like a nice young couple but
then the young man grabbed the money"said Eva the shop owner ,on 50th street.
Her clothes shop had been robbed by a man and waman at 6:55 p.m. Another witness, Ken Adams incidently
passed by said: "I saw a young couple running ,I heard a woman screaming for help so, I started
running after them.Then a policman caught them."The robbers,Larry Donati and Ann Cleary
had been identified by the officer Janet Kohn who caught them on 59th street but, they didn't have the money
on them.The money was found later in the trash can.
After an invastigation,both suspects have spent time in prison.As for defending herself Ann that it was Donati's idea.
They both learrned their lessons and promissed they won't ever repeat the robbery mistake

Nitzan Shabat Cohen (9th Grade ) A murder at the mall
On a quiet Saturday evening at the mall, a young white man body was found in the "Fox " store. The police is still looking for
the victim's identity. "it seemed to be a regular Saturday evening " said officer Smith , who found the body." I do this same
course for years and I'v never ran into anything as interesting and weird as that".
The police is already investigating two suspects ( John Cohen and Ron Levi). As it seems, they both struggled with the victim
and shook him until he fainted and one of them stabbed hm in his chest 3 times. They set a fire to cover the crime and
escaped the crime scene.The firre alarm system set the fire off and called the firemen but , by the time they arrived the
police was already there. Please report for any missing person who matches the description above at the police murder department.
Any other reports will be answered regularly when you dial 100.

Shaked Avidar (9th Grade)
Yesterday, at 4 o'clock in the aternoon 2 kids entered a candy shop and stole a lot of candies.
The thieves were arrested by officer Bill Wolf. He caught them, when they left the store with the plunder.
Thw shop owner, Kevin McDowell said: " I saw the kids entering the store and asked them if I can help them.
They said " No , thank you." After 2 minutes they ran away from the shop and disappeared.I called the police
and the officer caught them.
Witnes, Ken Adams " I wanted to enter the shop with my daughter when I saw two kids with a big bag running away
from the shop. They ran so fast that I couldn't see their faces.The kids were questioned by the police and both
suspects have spent time in prison.

Zohar Gubbay (9th Grade) The Missing Boy
Finally, the missing boy was found after a difficut search throughout England. Ben Marks was kidnapped 17 days ago
from his hotel room while he was sleeping. His parents went to eat dinner at the hotel. He was left all alone in the
locked room. They said that they went to check on him every 20 minutes.But, on the third time he was missing and they
were horrified. The concerned parents, Henry and Jenna waited for little ben to come back home for 17 long days.
The 5 year old child was found in an abandoned hut with a young woman who had no explanation for her action.
Henry and Jenna were thrilled to see their son after so much time and I am sure that everyone is happy for them too.


BHAVYA GULATI ( 10th grade)
"Behind every great fortune there is a crime"-Honor de BalzacCrime is crime whether big or small . Small crimes lead to big crimes andif the criminals are not punished then they will get courage to do more crimes.Criminals should be severly punishedso that they can be set as an example for other people who look forward to crimes.Every crime matters . Money is the root to all the evils and crimes.No mercy should be shown on them.For Instance,in The Bishop's Candlesticks,Jean Valjean was punished correctly, although his crime was small.So I would like to conclude that, the criminals should be punished whether they are decent or notorious. If we want to destroy the roots os crimes , we need to punish the criminals.

Criminals Are Not Wicked And Do Not Deserve Punishment

ABHIMANYU PURI (10th grade)
I do not agree with the statement that All Criminals Are Wicked And Deserve Punishment. No body is a criminal by birth. It is the environment in which he grows that makes him a criminal or a respected man. Some people turn into criminals due to poverty as they are not able to nourish their family as the Convict in The Bishop’s Candlesticks. He is a good man but his poverty made him steal. Crime needs punishment but first one must look into the reason of crime and then punish the culprit. Nowadays it is seen that criminals are roaming free while the innocent people are put in prison.One wrong step can turn an innocent person into a criminal.To remove crime and criminals we have to clean and purify this world and there should be justice For everyone.