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Købmagergades Skole

About Us

Købmagergades Skole is a state school in the Danish town of Fredericia. There are 1,000 students who are from 6 to 17 years old.
8.i are a class of 14-15 year old students who have decided to have half their lessons in the foreign language of English.
This is their project about Green Schools.


9 Good Ideas

1:Use less water when toilet flushing.
2:Black curtains in classrooms.
3:Lessons outside.
4:Use electricitymeter.
5:Use ECO-foil behind radiators.
6:Use hydrogen buses in town.
7:More grass in schoolyards.
8:Turn of light in classes in summertime.
9:Suncells on rooftops.

Four things to make our school green
1. Recycle: recycling can make your school green. You can make different dustbins for each material. Make a different dustbin for papers, bottles, food, cardboard, and green waste.
2. Change drinking habits: drinking habits can help your school go green. Instead of drinking bottle water, use the water in the school, so this will help you saving the bottles you drink.3. Bring your own lunch: this will help the schools canteen to save the energy. This will help school with the bills.
4. Recycle paper: we waste enormous amount of paper. Instead of wasting them, we can recycle them. Recycling paper can help trees. Papers are made out of trees. We need trees to breathe.

What could we do to save energy and electricity?

-We could turn off the lights, when we leave the room, or when its day-time.
-Paint the radiators black, because it will give out more heat.
-At 5 pm switch off all the electricity in school.
-Have lessons outside if the weather is good
.-Try and use less paper (not take too many copies, and use the books we have instead)
-When we use computers in the lessons, be in groups of 3 or 4 around one computer.
-Recycle our garbage, especially in big organizations like schools.
-If we have the opportunity, take the bike to school instead of the car.
-Teach children from a young age how to act green.


We have to take care of our plant and save energy and electricity because we have been overusing the materials at hand. This is affecting the earth in a bad way. Another plus about saving electricity, is that you also save money, which is important because we have the economical crisis. The money you save can be used on other things like, better insulation and that will also save you money in the long run, because you don’t have to use as much heat energy. Saving heat energy in a cheaper way can be done by painting radiators black, the reason for this is that black absorbs the heat and sends it out better then white does. Recycling is a good way to stop overusing the materials at hand. Everyday children in and out side of school use a lot of paper, more then is necessary for the individual. So if you sort your garbage in e.g. paper, food and plastic you will save energy both by re-using the materials and the city will save energy because they won’t have to sort it out.
It would be a good idea to teach children from a young age how to recycle, re-use and reduce.